There are many ways to help CAL and the beneficiaries we serve:

  • Be a Volunteer/ Start a CAL Support (local) chapter

    We are interested in having a dedicated, committed and resourceful volunteer.
    Our volunteers are individuals that believe in the vision and ideals of CAL and can give their time and resources to help the organisation reach out to benefactors and serving our target audiences.
    You can also give your time by being a workshop facilitator, help out by starting a local support chapter for CAL in aiding to get would be volunteers, planners for fund raising events and publicity of CAL works in your local communities and networks.

  • Organize a fund raiser

    CAL Nigeria, each year gives away more than 100 scholarships and grants to exceptional children, young people and women. You can organize fund raiser events on behalf of CAL such includes book/market fairs, charity balls/dance, society/club luncheons and dinners, fashion shows etc.

  • Involve CAL in Your Celebrations & Informal Gatherings

    If you, your children or siblings are marking or celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, consider asking your friends, family, colleagues and associates to donate a gift or two to CAL instead. Also you can celebrate with some of our beneficiaries and fund raise with them together.
    In addition you can organize gathering of friends and associates for lunch or evening relaxation and having a representative of CAL come to share and showcase the works of the organisation sharing some inspiring stories about our programs, our beneficiaries and target audiences that CAL serves. It’s a great occasion for bringing together friends, benefactors and it helps us spread the word about our work.

  • Invite CAL to Give a Presentation

    You can help CAL by organizing an awareness forum for your organisation, club or associations inviting us to make a presentation.
    If you are a member of an organization and believe that your colleagues and associates can benefit a lot when exposed to the benefits of giving and changing lives. You can simply invite CAL to give presentations about the state of children’s in dire need of education and CAL efforts to make a difference. We appreciate any opportunity to introduce our work to a wider audience.